Tom Coughlin Pulls an Almost Tony D’Amato at His Press Conference and Goes Out on His Terms. (Video)

Tom Coughlin held his final press conference today in New York. He thanked his players, ownership and answered questions about this past season and his future. That’s standard stuff. Its how Coughlin finished off the press conference that got people’s attention. Coughlin closed the press conference by re-assuring Eli manning that he had nothing to do with his decision to resign. Manning was clearly upset so Coughlin reinforced his belief in him and how he viewed him as a son. Again, standard stuff. Its what came after that awesome. Coughlin wrapped up the press conference by walking off the stage and douching Giants owner John Mara when Mara stood up to greet him. Coughlin’s reaction was cold to say the least. Its obvious Coughlin didn’t want to quit and he still wants to coach. I have a feeling that Coughlin’s relationship with Mara wasn’t what we thought it was. That’s why he douched him on the way out.

The only thing that would have topped the end of this press conference is if Coughlin pulled a Tony D’Amato from Any Given Sunday and announced that he was taking over the 49ers and that Eli was going with him. That would have been awesome! In least in my opinion anyway.

We already knew Coughlin was old school and he proved that today. He doesn’t fuck around and John Mara found out first hand in a crowded press conference room.

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