Idiot of the Day: Johnny Manziel. (2 Time IOTD)


If the allegations are true that Johnny Manziel was hanging out in Vegas on Saturday night in disguise, then the Browns should give him what he wants and cut him. He doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL. Don’t give me this bullshit he wants to play for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones can’t be dumb enough to want to inherit the headaches that come with having Manziel on your roster.

The guy is not a good enough player to put up with the bullshit. He’s an idiot! Its only a matter of time before he hurts himself or someone else with his actions.

As dysfunctional as the Browns are, even they realize its time to move from Manziel. If Johnny Football thinks a return to Texas will solve all of his problems, he is sadly mistaken. He has a lot of growing up to do. He’s an out of control idiot and the only one who doesn’t know it is him.