Where in the World is Johnny Manziel? (Video)

I know you have probably been wondering. Where in the world is Johnny Football? Well, don’t worry. WEWS is Cleveland is on it! The news station stalked Manziel for two days. They went to his house looking for him and as you probably saw, they spoke to one of his buddies. Manziel is rumored to have been partying in disguise in Las Vegas on Saturday night and he skipped treatment on Sunday morning prior to the Browns game against the Steelers. Not only that, but he was no where to be found during the game. He did post an Instagram photo on Saturday night of him chilling with his dog but according to sources, that picture was to cover up the fact that he was in Vegas. WEWS did not find Manziel but they will not rest until they do. This whole saga reminds of a show from my youth.

By the way. This was one of the dumbest shows on television. Talk about pointless.