Three things we’re watching closely in the Pats’ 2nd voluntary OTA

After a week and a few days behind closed doors, the Pats will be back in front of the media on Wednesday for the second open OTA.

New England has two more open voluntary OTA practices after this one for us to get a glimpse and report on how things are looking early on under Jerod Mayo before mandatory minicamp June 10, 11 & 12.

Jacoby Brissett and Bailey Zappe getting the majority of reps was the biggest talking point after the first OTA, so what can we learn on Wednesday? Probably not a lot still, but here’s three things I’ll be watching in particular:

1. QB reps

Obviously, this is still going to be the main focal point for everyone. I’m less concerned with how many 7-on-7 passes Jacoby Brissett completes whereas the interesting thing will be watching to see if Drake Maye has done enough in the last week or so to earn as many or more than Bailey Zappe now. Is Bailey Zappe doing enough to make them think twice about getting rid of him? Is there anything Joe Milton has done or can do to earn a few more? Again, it’s only OTA’s, but I am curious to see if they unleash the young guys a little more or not or if Zappe continues to get what (I would think) are still meaningful reps for rookies.

2. Polk, Baker, Osborn and Thornton

Like the QB’s, those other guys sort of took a back seat during the first open practice. Have they been performing both on and off the field to earn a few more early reps in 11-on-11 and 7-on-7? Is KJ Osborn progressing and getting more comfortable with Brissett? Can Thornton finally make an impact and show he can make it through June healthy? The entire receiving core struggle to get open in half speed work the first time we saw them, is anyone starting to get to that next level? Kendrick Bourne was there for moral support the first day, curious to see if he goes through any light work or anything with the team or heads back down to the weight room too.

3. A little more tempo and competition?

The first practice – like most OTA’s – was a glorified walkthrough with very little true competition. I get not wanting guys to push themselves too much and get hurt in what amounts to a half speed practice, but can they ramp it up like 2-3 notches? Nothing much, I just hope we see a little more ‘real’ football during the team periods. And yes, I know nothing truly matters until minicamp, but with a new regime I’d like to think there’s a sense of urgency every time the team is out on the field.