Left field candidates aplenty in the Patriots OC search but I still think Bill goes with someone he knows

January 18, 2023

Over the course of the past week, we have bandied about the names of possible offensive coordinators for the Patriots. Members of the media have combed over the rosters of coaching staffs across the league to try to find coaches that are connected to Bill Belichick that could be possible coordinator candidates. I have said from the beginning that the offensive coordinator list for the Patriots is short. We all…


Patriots: Vintage Belichick responses in the first in person press conference proves he doesn’t care what we think

May 26, 2022

Bill Belichick was in mid-season form in Monday’s press conference after voluntary OTA’s. Belichick was asked questions on several topics and needless to say, he was in mid-season form. The first question Belichick was asked was how he would characterize the level of participation thus far in OTA’s. His answer: “You know, it is what is.” Belichick was then asked about how involved he is on the offensive side of…


Patriots: Matt Patrica as offensive coordinator? It appears that way

February 18, 2022

Speculation has been rampant recently that former Patriots defensive coordinator and Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia would become the Patriots primary offensive play caller in 2022. Now before you get up, walk over to your bathroom and vomit, you might want to know that Patricia does have some “offensive experience” with the Patriots. He served as an offensive assistant in 2004 and as the assistant offensive line coach to…