Patriots: Henry Anderson looks to bounce back after a tough first season in New England

August 2, 2022

When the Patriots signed defensive end Henry Anderson to a two year deal last off-season, the move was universally applauded because of Anderson’s versatility and the possible fit. After getting off to a slow start last season, Anderson missed the majority of the 2021 season with a torn pec. Anderson suffered the injury in Week 4 and was placed on injured reserve on October 6, 2021. Anderson is now back,…


Patriots: 5 ways the Patriots could create extra cap space.

February 28, 2022

Teams around the league, specifically the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers have been busy the past week moving money around in an effort to create cap space. Luckily, the Patriots are not in the same boat as those two teams. According to our good friend Miguel Benzan at @patscap, the Patriots currently have $4.896,056 in cap space. That is not a lot. The cap is expected to reach…


Patriots Training Camp : Defensive Line Preview

July 29, 2021

Images courtesy of Kathryn Riley/Getty Images In his heart of hearts, Bill Belichick is a 3-4 guy. When you look at his career, he has had the most success in a 30 front. Based on the composition of the Patriots defensive line, it is built like a 30 front. Belichick uncharacteristically spent a lot of money in free agency this off-season. One of the areas he spent a lot of…