Patriots: Breaking down the 2022 schedule

May 13, 2022

Photo: @Patriots Schedule Day is always a sneaky great day on the calendar for football fans. No one really thinks about it until we’re all reminded a week or so before that Schedule Day is coming. It isn’t quite the same with Twitter leaks popping up everywhere throughout the day ruining the element of surprise, but still, once the league slate comes out it’s always fun to see where and…


High School: MHSFCA Combine hits Gillette Stadium May 1st

April 24, 2022

There are always a lot of camps and combines available to football players this time of year. One of the best is coming up on May 1 at Gillette Stadium. The annual MHSFCA — Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association — is running its annual combine on that date. It is one of the best around for many reasons, but a big one is accuracy. This combine will feature laser-timed…


High School: Bellingham’s Elder caps high school football career at Gillette…with a scholarship

March 13, 2022

As a high school quarterback in Massachusetts, the ultimate goal is to finish your career on the field at Gillette Stadium holding a trophy. Gavin Elder did a ton for the Bellingham Blackhawks football program, but he wasn’t able to cross that off his list. On Saturday afternoon, he did get to officially finish his high school football career at Gillette, just not in the way he envisioned. Elder received…


High School: MHSFCA Coaches Clinic hosted by the Patriots a huge success

March 13, 2022

FOXBOROUGH – The game of football will be better off in 2022 and beyond because of the coaches that spent hours upon hours at Gillette Stadium this weekend. The Patriots hosted the annual MHSFCA Coaches Clinic Friday and Saturday, with 38 presentations from college and high school coaches and a phenomenal keynote speech from UMass head coach Don Brown on Friday night. Beyond the 38 presentations, everywhere you turned there…


UMass: Brown’s passion for football & the UMass program is as strong as ever

March 12, 2022

FOXBOROUGH – Around 8:35 on Friday night, UMass head coach Don Brown had a small group of four coaches huddled around him at the far end of Gillette Stadium’s Putnam Club. Brown slightly bent his knees for a second or two, placed his hands in front of him as if he was about to engage with an opponent, gave some instruction, nodded slightly and then continued to shake every hand…


Patriots: Ahead of snow storm Friday, no one wants to be “That Guy”

January 6, 2022

There will be no excuses for Patriots players not to be in the building on Friday morning while the snow flies around New England. No “my car wouldn’t start” will be accepted from anyone. Bill Belichick gave his team “the snow speech” on Thursday. No one wants to be That Guy. “Just talking about getting ready for the snow, I live in an apartment complex right now so I’m sure…


Patriots: Robert Kraft announces “Lights On!” initiative with partnership between Patriots, Revolution & New Bedford Police Department

December 16, 2021

Common sense and compassion are two things that have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth in the last couple years. So, when Robert Kraft, program director Sherman Patterson and New Bedford Police Chief Paul Oliveira briefly gathered at the 50-yard line on Thursday afternoon to announce the “Lights On!” initiative, it was a small step towards trying to bring both of those things back to the area. “Lights…


Patriots: Are the Pats legitimate Super Bowl contenders? Here’s three reasons why the answer is yes and three reasons why the answer is no

December 9, 2021

Okay, so none of us thought the Patriots would be in this position back in August, right? Sure, once Mac beat out Cam for the starting job and it was clear he was going to be the guy moving forward, a lot of people believed he’d have what it takes to help lead this team to something better than the 7-9 finish a year ago. But, no one could have…


Patriots: Ahead of high school Super Bowls at Gillette Stadium, Pats coordinators reflect on special memories

November 30, 2021

Starting Wednesday, dozens of players from 16 different teams are going to step on the field at Gillette Stadium to compete for a Super Bowl. Some of those players will go on to play in college, but most of them won’t. This will be the final time they ever strap on the pads. Some guys will make a game saving or winning play that stays with them forever, but many…


Patriots: Pats get sixth straight win with 36-13 blowout over the Titans

November 28, 2021

FOXBOROUGH – In case you still weren’t sure about this 2021 Patriots team, Sunday’s 36-13 win over the Titans should be all the proof you need that they’re for real. Sure, the defense gave up 270 total yards rushing, but it also forced four turnovers and held the Titans – albeit with a depleted offense – to just 13 points. Meanwhile, Mac Jones threw for 300+ yards for the second…