Patriots Pulse: The Local Media is Losing Their Minds With the Patriots

The local media is absolutely losing their minds these days when it comes to the Patriots. From Tom Brady skipping voluntary workouts to speculating on whether or not Rob Gronkowski will be traded to the controversy surrounding Brady’s personal trainer Alex Guerrero and the Julian Edelman suspension. It has been a whacky off season around these parts.

Bill Belichick‘s worst nightmare has come true. The Patriots have become a circus. It’s true. Both the national and local media has whipped Patriots fans into a frenzy. The drama unfolding at One Patriots Way on a weekly basis is the number one topic on radio and television these days. The Patriots have turned into a day time soap opera.

Belichick has maintained his cold demeanor through out all of this but deep down inside, it’s probably killing him. He despises the media and he hates answering questions about his players. He doesn’t have a choice however. He has to. The local media demands answers! After all, who else is going to inform the fans?

I will admit, all of this Patriots drama is tiresome. It has worn on me. I am tired of talking about Belichick and Brady. I am tired of trying to figure out whether or not Gronk will be traded. I don’t want to listen to speculation that Alex Guerrero may have provided Julian Edelman with illegal supplements. I am tired of all of it! I just want the Patriots to go away until training camp.

Will that happen? No. It will not happen because for the next month local reporters will speculate on how the Patriots will replace Julian Edelman, who needs to step up and what the final roster will look like. We will never get the break from the Patriots that we so desperately need.

Over saturation has become a fact of life in our country today. The Patriots are over saturated thanks to the local media. I’ve had enough of the talking heads and I’ve had enough of the Patriots. For now. Talk to me at the end of July.