Patriots Offensive Gameplan: Quick Game, RPO’s key to slowing Eagles front

If the Patriots want to slow down the vaunted Philadelphia Eagles defensive line, they are going to have to do it by getting the ball out of Mac Jones hands quickly. Three-step pass plays, quick five-step passes, RPO’s and perimeter screens are all on the menu as Bill O’Brien and the offensive staff try to find ways to slow down one of the best defensive fronts in the league while protecting their quarterback.

Quick Game: Look for a lot of 11 and 12 personnel formations with the Patriots using stick, hitch and seam concepts to attack a Philadelphia secondary that will still play a lot of single high safety coverages despite having a new defensive coordinator in Sean Desai. Hitches, spot routes, whip routes, fades and slant/sluggos and option routes are all on the menu.

Here are two examples.

Quick 5-Step: Attacking the seams and outside the numbers is a point of emphasis against defenses that play single high safety coverages. Look for the Patriots to use a lot of curl-flat, middle floods and Smash concepts in an effort to attack the dead spots in Philadelphia’s coverages while getting the ball out of Mac’s hands quickly. Routes 15-20 yards from the line of scrimmage require less protection time and Mac can get the ball by his first or second read.

Here three examples of quick five step concepts that allow Mac to get the ball out of his hands quickly and efficiently.

RPO’s: Everyone’s favorite play concept in football today. RPO’s are popular in all offensive systems now and they are a great way to get the ball out quick because they stress linebackers out with run fakes and create indecision. O’Brien has brough an extensive RPO package with him from Alabama and expect the Patriots to run a fair amount of them in this game.

Perimeter Screens: Great way to get the ball out against a defense like Philadelphia’s that gets up the field and plays fast along the line of scrimmage. The Patriots could have built in smoke screen audibles or O’Brien could call a screen play straight up. The Patriots also have screen plays built into their run calls as part of their RPO package so they will be able to utilize their screen game effectively today.