Mac was abysmal but he is still the best option at quarterback for the Patriots

Mac Jones had arguably the worst performance of his Patriots career in Sunday’s 38-3 loss to the Cowboys. He threw two interceptions including a pick six and he fumbled on a strip sack that ended being a ten yard scoop and score.

Jones finished 12-of-21 for 150 yards on the day. He was flat out bad. Perhaps the worst thing about Jones performance today was that he seemingly quit. You can see it. He threw in the towel. 

You can blame Jones performance on the lack of talent around him, the game plan, him pressing whatever you want. The bottom line is, he did not give his team a chance to win today. The hope moving forward is that he can recover from today’s game and play better in the future. A future that is up in the air right now. 

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick was asked after the game why he benched Jones late in the third quarter and the quarterback’s future as the starting quarterback. Belichick said he pulled Jones because there was no point in leaving him in the game.

Belichick also reiterated that Jones is the starting quarterback moving forward. He should be. Despite today’s performance, he is still the best option the Patriots have in the building. 

For his part, Jones seemed down after the game but also felt that he can bounce back from today’s disastrous performance. 

“It’ll be a good test just for me trying to stay focused on what I can control, and that’s playing better.”

Jones needs to be better. It is not hyperbole to say that these next two games are going to a go a long way in determining the Patriots success the rest of this season and Jones future with the team. 

The Patriots have to decide this off-season whether or not they will be picking up Jones fifth year option. How he performs in the coming weeks could be the deciding factor. 

After the first two games, you got the feeling that Jones was going to be better than he was last season. After today’s game however, you got the sense that he was either pressing and making bad decisions or he’s regressing. 

Either way, do not expect any of the other quarterbacks on the roster to save the season. It is either Mac or the Patriots don’t have a quarterback and the season is over.