I’m Just Sayin: The Browns Continue to Set the Bar for Stupidity.

Paul DePodesta will bring a more analytical approach to the Cleveland Browns. 

The Cleveland Browns continue to set the bar high when it comes to  stupid decisions. Owner Jimmy Haslem continues to amaze me with some of the dumb decisions he makes on a seemingly daily basis. 

I get firing GM Ray Farmer and coach Mike Pettine. It’s a bottom line business and they didn’t get it done. That doesn’t mean you should hire two guys in Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta that have probably never thrown a football never mind run a football team. I know both guys are bright and rely on analytics guys but this isn’t baseball. Analytics don’t help you win in football as much as they do in baseball. Do they have a place in the game? Sure, but if Haslem thinks a more analytical approach is going to turn things around in Cleveland, he’s high. 

The Browns have a long way to go. They need a good football man in the corner office as general manager and they need to find the right coach. The Browns have had five head coaches since 2007, they need stability. Hiring a salary cap guy and a baseball guy isn’t going to help right the ship and bring stability to the organization. The Browns need to hire people that actually know football and know how to build a program.

I feel for Browns fans. They have a moron owner who doesn’t have a clue as to how to run an organization and he hires people who don’t know how to run one either. Nothing is going to change. The Browns will continue to be a dumpster fire. Haslem had a chance to get it right after he fired Farmer and Pettine and once again, he found a way to screw it up again. 

I truly believe that the Browns will never be competitive as long as Haslem owns the team. He is a shyster and a criminal. Haslem should do the right thing and sell the Browns. The city of Cleveland deserves better than this. I’m just saying.  

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