2016 NFL Draft: For the Rams, the Choice is Easy. It’s Carson Wentz. 

April 19, 2016

The Rams will have a tough decision to make next Thursday.  The Rams gave up a boatload of picks to acquire the number one pick in the draft last Friday. They did so that they can draft a quarterback. Now the question being asked is, who is it going to be? Wentz or Goff? By all accounts, the organization is split. The front office likes Goff, the scouts like Wentz….


2016 NFL Draft: The Titans Just Fleeced the Rams Big Time!

April 14, 2016

The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams pulled off a blockbuster pre-draft trade this morning. Here’s how it breaks down. Rams Receive 2016 Pick #1 Pick #113 Pick #177 Titans Receive 2016 Pick #15 Pick # 43 Pick #45 Pick #76 Rams 2017 1st Round Pick Rams 2017 3rd Round Pick WOW. Kudos to new Titans GM and former Patriots front office executive Jon Robinson for making this trade. Robinson…


2016 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft 2.0

April 10, 2016

Jalen Ramsey might just be the most talented player in this draft. Here it is patients. My second of four four mock drafts. Enjoy. 1. Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil OT Oke Miss: The Titans are looking to trade down but if they don’t, they’ll draft Tunsil to beef up a suspect offensive line. 2. Cleveland Browns: Carson Wentz QB North Dakota State: Wentz had an impressive pro day two weeks…


2016 NFL Draft: Paxton Lynch Impresses Scouts With a Solid Workout.

April 7, 2016

Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch reminded scouts and general managers alike why they were all drooling over him last season. Lynch put on a show yesterday in his pro day. The 6-6 1/2 244 pound Lynch completed 57 of 69 passes on a windy, blustery day. Lynch was especially impressive on his deep ball connecting several times on fade routes and deep crossing routes. He was also very impressive throwing on…


2016 NFL Draft: Doc’s Top 140

March 28, 2016

Hot off the presses, its my one and only top 140. These are the top ten players at each position in my opinion. We are going to start with offense, work our way to defense and then the kickers and punters. Offense Quarterbacks 1. Carson Wentz North Dakota State 6-5 237 2. Jared Goff California 6-4 215 3. Paxton Lynch Memphis 6-6 1/2 244 4. Connor Cook Michigan State 6-4…


2016 NFL Draft: Titans GM Jon Robinson Should Ask for a King’s Ransom for the Number One Pick.

March 22, 2016

If I were Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson, I would ask for a king’s ransom for the number one pick as well. It’s the first pick in the draft. It still has value, especially in a draft like this where two quarterbacks could potentially go in the first ten picks. Robinson should be asking for a king’s ransom. The Titans have a variety of needs and the only way to…


2016 NFL Draft: The Browns Need to Do the Right Thing and Draft Carson Wentz Over Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch.

March 19, 2016

 The Browns need to do the right thing and draft Carson Wentz with the second overall pick.  By all accounts, Cal quarterback Jared Goff had a terrific workout yesterday at Cal’s pro day. He impressed scouts with all of the different throws he completed during the work out and he moved well in and out of the pocket. Several teams spent time with Goff yesterday including the Browns who reportedly…


2016 NFL Draft: Doc’s First Round Mock Draft 1.0

March 7, 2016

Ole Miss’ Laremy Tunsil has franchise left tackle potential. Its been a week since the combine and now that I have evaluated all of the numbers and each players performance, here is my first of four first round mock drafts. 1. Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss: The Titans could go in a myriad of directions with this pick but Tunsil makes the most sense. He is the…


2016 NFL Draft: Scouting Combine Winners and Losers.

March 2, 2016

The 2016 combine is in the books. It was an eventful weekend in Indy. Some players shined, some flopped. Here are my five winners and losers from the 2016 Scouting Combine. (courtesy of Sports Illustrated) Carson Wentz Winners Carson Wentz, Quarterback, NDSU: Wentz was impressive in the interview process and on the field. He can make every throw in the playbook and he looks athletic on the move. By all…


2016 NFL Draft: Ten Players to Watch at This Weekend’s NFL Combine.

February 26, 2016

Noah Spence will have plenty of questions to answer this weekend about his character. Its hard to believe that the NFL Combine is already here. This year’s draft class is loaded with potential but there several prospects that have some question marks attached to them. Here are ten prospects that have some question marks heading into this weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye on them this weekend. 1. Carson Wentz,…