The present day Patriots have reverted back to the 1992 Patriots

FOXBOROUGH-  The Patriots wore their throwback uniforms on Sunday against the Chargers and it brought me back to my childhood. I was a senior in high school again. Pat the Patriot uniforms, bad quarterback play, a bad offense, an half empty stadium and a team that is currently 2-10. It felt like 1992 all over again. 

The Patriots are the worst team in the NFL. Yes. Worse than the Carolina Panthers. At least Carolina can score some points. Unlike the Patriots who have scored 13 points in the last three games. In case you are wondering, that’s 4.3 points per game. New England is averaging an NFL worse 12.3 points per game. They have been shutout twice at home this season. That has never happened before. 

The defense on the other hand has been fantastic giving up only 26 points in the last three games. The Patriots are the first team since 1938 to have their defense give up that many points over a three game stretch and lose all three games. 

When you are hoping that a back-up quarterback who was cut in the preseason provides you with a spark offensively, you have no chance to win. It is really that simple. Bailey Zappe is a great guy , he works hard and plays the game the right way but his physical limitations severely hinder the offense.

Factor in a skill group that cannot separate in the passing game and an offensive line that has struggled in pass protection all season and you see why this team has been historically bad on offense, especially in recent weeks. 

As we have said all along, the Patriots do not need to tank. They are bad enough to lose on their own. It doesn’t make that fact any easier to accept. Patriots fans deserve better. 

Change needs to happen. Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest coach of all-time but even he and all of his infinite knowledge cannot fix this situation. The Patriots have to start over. 

After the 1992 season, the team was sold to James Busch Orthwein who then hired Bill Parcells and the franchise drafted quarterback Drew Bledsoe. 

The Krafts do not need to sell the team but a coaching change and a new quarterback are both necessities. It is the only way the Patriots can turn their fortunes around and get back to being competitive.