The Patriots will not sell off, so uncross your fingers

The NFL trade deadline is today. At 2-6, many are expecting the Patriots to be a potential seller. With the playoffs a long shot, New England should be open for business but as we have said all along, that is highly unlikely given Bill Belichick’s track record.

The Patriots have several impending free agents. Safety Kyle Dugger, tight ends Hunter Henry and Mike Gesicki, wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, offensive tackle Mike Onwenu and EDGE Josh Uche head will all be unrestricted free agents after the season. The Patriots have enough talent they can sell off. The question is, do teams want to acquire any of these players and if so, what are they will to trade for them?

The short answer is no. Unless the Patriots are willing to part with Kyle Dugger, none of the other players will yield a high draft pick. Uche might bring back a third or fourth round pick at best. Bourne might have brought back a mid-round pick but he tore his right ACL so he is done for the year.

The Patriots season is over. The team is 2-6 with these players currently on the roster. If fans are hoping for a sell off and tank job the rest of the season, their wish may come true anyway. The team is not that good so whether these players are here or not, it will not really make a difference.

It is hard to believe that the Patriots are in this position. How are they so bad? I have maintained all along that the roster is more talented than their record indicates and yet this team is one of the worst in the league thus far this season.

Is it the players? Is it coaching? We really won’t know until the end of the season. One thing we know for certain, Bill Belichick will not just throw in the towel on the season. The Patriots are going roll with the players they currently have and see how far they can go with this group.

If you have been crossing your fingers hoping for a fire sale today,  it might be time to uncross your fingers. It is not going to happen.