The Patriots cannot afford to lose Jack Jones to character issues

The Patriots announced on Thursday that punter Jake Bailey and cornerback Jack Jones were put on the reserved/suspension list.

The two were suspended for different reasons. Bailey was suspended for having a different viewpoint on whether or not he should return to action. Bailey had been participating in practice for two weeks leading up to his suspension but felt he wasn’t ready to return. The team thought otherwise.

As for Jones, he was suspended because he was being fined by the team for missing rehabilitation appointments. Jones emptied out his locker last week.

The Patriots need both players moving forward. Michael Palardy has not been very good punting the ball so the Patriots need to get Bailey back to his previous Pro Bowl form.

As for Jones, we saw how good the rookie fourth rounder was this season when he was on the field. He flashed playmaking ability and looks like a starting caliber corner.

Jones had character concerns coming out of college and it is why he bounced around to three different schools. The Patriots need him to be focused on football and meeting their expectations. Not skipping appointments.

Bill Belichick doesn’t usually exhibit patient with young players no matter how talented they are. Jones needs to be careful. He is on thin ice. The Patriots will not release him as of now but if his off-season participation is an issue, his days with the team could be numbered.

The Patriots need Jones. He needs to get his act together. The talent is there. Jones needs to grow up and realize he is an adult. He is not a college kid making dumb decisions anymore. His career could be on the line. The choices he makes will determine his future.

If nothing else, Jones has learned a valuable lesson. Belichick isn’t a guy to mess with.