Patriots: Looking back at what life was like the last time a quarterback other than Tom Brady started a playoff game for the Patriots

January 14, 2022

Saturday is going to be a historic night for the Patriots franchise for a few different reasons. Not only is the prime time matchup with the Buffalo Bills just the second playoff meeting all time between the two franchises, but it’ll also be the first playoff game in 23 years for the Patriots without Tom Brady under center. January 3, 1999 was the last time a quarterback not named Brady…


Patriots: Tom Brady Sr. speaks on Zolak and Bertrand Show

May 13, 2021

Surprise! Scott Zolak and Rob “Hardy” Poole were able to get Tom Brady Sr. on with them during Thursday’s Zolak and Bertrand Show for a surprise interview and ended up having a phenomenal 15 minutes with him. Zo and Hardy asked Brady Sr. about a number of different things, most notably the return in Week 4 and he had quite a few interesting things to say, here’s a complete breakdown…