Patriots: Sights, sounds & thoughts from Day 13 of training camp (joint practice with Carolina edition)

August 16, 2022

The last 12 practices were interesting, but it truly felt like training camp for the first time on Tuesday morning when the Carolina Panthers joined the Patriots on the practice field for the first of two joint sessions. Chippy play, trash talking, a brawl and most importantly, some progress for the offense all unfolded in front of thousands of fans and dozens of media members, but there was a bunch…


Patriots: Heading into first preseason game, defense has plenty of confidence & might just be better than we thought

August 10, 2022

Yes, the offense has looked poor for the majority of training camp, but that’s because we may have severely underestimated this defense heading into training camp. After two weeks, it’s clear the offensive line still needs time to get communication down – David Andrews and Mac Jones said as much earlier this week – but part of the reason it’s looked so bad at times is because the defense is…


Patriots Training Camp : Defensive Line Preview

July 29, 2021

Images courtesy of Kathryn Riley/Getty Images In his heart of hearts, Bill Belichick is a 3-4 guy. When you look at his career, he has had the most success in a 30 front. Based on the composition of the Patriots defensive line, it is built like a 30 front. Belichick uncharacteristically spent a lot of money in free agency this off-season. One of the areas he spent a lot of…