Opinion: Belichick’s disdain for Brady put the Patriots in jeopardy

June 30, 2022

By Mason Souza Bill Belichick hated Tom Brady so much and wanted him out. Maybe hate the man himself is too strong, but Belichick hated the praise Brady was getting rather than it coming his way. How does this topic relate to today? Let me explain. Mr. Patriot himself Julian Edelman spoke on the “I Am Athlete” podcast earlier this week essentially agreeing with what former Patriots tight end Martellus…


Patriots: I wouldn’t surrender anything more than two mid round picks for Jimmy G

March 27, 2021

The 49ers and Dolphins trade yesterday illustrated just how expensive it is going to be for the Patriots to trade into the top ten if they want to draft one of the top four quarterbacks in this year’s class. With the 49ers trading up, one has to assume that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is now available in a trade. San Francisco quickly squelched that notion by saying they intend to hold…


Patriots: 6 potential trade targets for the Patriots

March 11, 2021

After Tuesday’s trade to acquire tackle Trent Brown, the Patriots may not be done. Something tells me there could be some other deals in the works. On the surface, one would think a team flushed with as much cap space as the Patriots would retool their roster through free agency and the draft. However given the current cap situation that some teams are in, trades may actually be the best…


Patriots Draft: The Patriots quarterback plan should be a veteran and drafting Mac Jones

February 11, 2021

It is still relatively early in the pre-draft process but it is never too early to figure out what the Patriots will do at quarterback. At this moment, they technically only have one quarterback on the roster and that is Jarrett Stidham. It is safe to say that Stidham is not the quarterback of the future and chances are, that is not going to change. So, where does Bill Belichick…


Patriots: It is time for a shift in philosophy when it comes to the Patriots passing game

January 9, 2021

Now that the 2020 season has ended, it is time to access things and to figure out where the Patriots can improve for the 2021 season. Aside from upgrading the personnel, which would go a long way in ensuring that this team can compete again, the Patriots also need to consider a philosophy change on offense. It is too early in the off-season to tell as to whether or not…


Patriots: Bill Belichick has been here before. The only difference is, he doesn’t have a quarterback

December 30, 2020

Bill Belichick has been here before. He has rebuilt franchises before. He did it in Cleveland and he has done it here. The only difference now is, he doesn’t have a quarterback. I trust Belichick to turn this thing around and make the Patriots competitive again but it is going to be hard without a quarterback. The quarterback of the future is currently not in the Patriots building. If Belichick…


Patriots: End of the line? 49ers blowout New England by 27 points. Patriots now 2-4

October 26, 2020

AP Photo/Steven Senne FOXBOROUGH — For some reason last week, the New England Patriots decided to put out an “all dynasty” team. Of course, whenever these teams of the decade or century come out, it signifies the end of an era. So, did the Patriots call their shot when they decided to release the all dynasty team? It sure as hell felt that way on Sunday. The Patriots no-showed in…


Patriots: Recapping Bill Belichick’s weekly OMF interview on WEEI

October 21, 2020

The Patriots are now under .500 through at least five games of the season for the first time since 2002. So, when Bill Belichick met with Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria for his weekly appearance on WEEI on Monday, it was sure to be all sunshine and rainbows, right? We got the good old sarcastic Bill back for a good chunk of this week, and credit to the…


Patriots: 49ers rumored interest in Tom Brady could lead to a trade for Jimmy G

March 4, 2020

By Kevin J. Stone/@kstone06/@newftbj There’s no chance in hell this really happens.  However, with all the talk of San Francisco suddenly being a real player for Tom Brady in free agency it’s worth looking at the mind-boggling scenario. With numerous reports around the NFL from extremely credible sources, there has been legitimate chatter over the last few days – but really the last 24 hours – that would suggest the…


Patriots: Please spare us the Garoppolo trade revisit articles. It is time to move on

January 20, 2020

Jimmy Garoppolo is going to his third Super Bowl but his time it is as the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. The former heir apparent to Tom Brady completed six passes for 77 yards in San Francisco’s 37-20 win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. Patriots fans everywhere will be rooting for their beloved “Jimmy G” when the 49ers take on the Kansas City…