What Don Brown said about UMass at this point in the spring

April 16, 2024

Here is what UMass coach Don Brown said in relation to where the team is at this point. (inaudible, where you want to be?) I think this. We’ve just shifted to where we’re tackling. We did something Saturday. We did something today. Probably do some Thursday. Probably a little bit on Saturday. But that’s probably the area we’re behind, in terms of assignments and running and competitiveness and all that…….


Managing expectations for UMass

April 7, 2024

Expectations can be a funny thing if you’re a UMass football fan. Maybe funny is not the right word. Frustrating is another. Expectations can be impossible. They can be a source of unrest, or misery. You just don’t know what to do with them. Maybe that’s just life as a UMass fan in the FBS era of the program. You learn that optimism can come around and bite you. All……


One month into 2024, the New England football scene looks much different

February 1, 2024

We often tell people there is no offseason with New England Football Journal, but even we can’t believe how much has already happened in the last four weeks or so. We’re 31 days into 2024 and things have completely turned upside down. First, Holy Cross head coach Bob Chesney leaves after an incredible run with the program, winning five straight Patriot League titles and restoring the pride back in the……