Patriots: 5 things to watch for at Patriots, Panthers joint practices

August 16, 2022

The Carolina Panthers are in town the next two days for joint practices with the Patriots. Joint practices have become a fixture across the league in recent years. Teams that are facing each other in a pre-season game will get together the week of the game for two practices. The practices are a good opportunity for the coaching staffs of both teams teams to evaluate their teams against different competition….


Patriots: Vintage Belichick responses in the first in person press conference proves he doesn’t care what we think

May 26, 2022

Bill Belichick was in mid-season form in Monday’s press conference after voluntary OTA’s. Belichick was asked questions on several topics and needless to say, he was in mid-season form. The first question Belichick was asked was how he would characterize the level of participation thus far in OTA’s. His answer: “You know, it is what is.” Belichick was then asked about how involved he is on the offensive side of…