Patriots: Vintage Belichick responses in the first in person press conference proves he doesn’t care what we think

May 26, 2022

Bill Belichick was in mid-season form in Monday’s press conference after voluntary OTA’s. Belichick was asked questions on several topics and needless to say, he was in mid-season form. The first question Belichick was asked was how he would characterize the level of participation thus far in OTA’s. His answer: “You know, it is what is.” Belichick was then asked about how involved he is on the offensive side of…


Boston College: Jeff Hafley is quickly becoming a media darling in Boston

October 10, 2020

When was the last time Boston College had a coach who was popular with the local media? Jack Bicknell? Cowboy Jack as he was known was well liked by the local media but his relationship with them was a byproduct of coaching Doug Flutie and winning. Jeff Hafley is different. It is not the program that defines him as a coach. It is his persona and his resume. In the…


Patriots Pulse Blog: Brady Storming Off After Being Asked a Stupid Question is O.K By Me

July 31, 2018

Tom Brady abruptly ended his media session on Saturday morning when he was asked about Julian Edelman’s association to Alex Guerrero’s following Edelman’s PED suspension. Brady responded to the question by calling it “ridiculous”. He then said “I’m out” and walked away. The Boston media jumped all over Brady for not answering the absurd question. Opinions varied from Brady is protecting Edelman and Guerrero to Brady has to something to…