Pirates Preview: Iowa Barnstormers (0-2) at Massachusetts Pirates (3-0)

The Pirates return off a bye and will look to improve to 4-0 when they host the winless Iowa Barnstormers in Lowell. Massachusetts has won in a variety of ways thus far this season. They look like the early favorite in the IFL. Massachusetts is currently tied with the Vegas Knight Hawks for the best record in the league at 3-0. 

Here are three keys to the game. 

1. Shake off the rust: Coming off a bye, a fast start will be important for the Pirates. They need to strike first and make the Barnstormers play from behind, something they struggle with. 

2. Defense should dominate: Iowa has struggled at times on offense this season. The Pirates defense should have a good night. Forcing an early turnover could set the stage for a big night for Alejandro Bennifield and company. The defense has been good thus far and this game should be a good day at the office for them. 

3. Big plays: The Pirates have been able to make big plays thus far this season and that trend should continue in this game. Alejandro Bennifield and company are rolling right now and a generous Iowa defense won’t stop them.

Final Thoughts: Winnable game. Plain and simple. The Pirates cannot afford to lose a game like this. They need to get off to a good start offensively and the defense needs to play to the level that they have thus far this season.