Patriots Training Camp Preview: Day 12

It is the final practice before Thursday’s preseason opener against the Texans. The Patriots will more than likely go through a low intensity group and team centered practice as they rep plays, fronts and coverages that they will use on Thursday night.

Here are five things we are watching in today’s practice.

1. Personnel watch- Today’s practice will give us a pretty good idea of who is playing and what group they will be playing with on Thursday night. You would have to think most of the starters will sit the first preseason game out so the focus will be on the depth guys and how many snaps they take at practice,

2. Jonathan Jones status- Jones did not practice on Friday or yesterday. Will he return today? Who knows? It is unclear when he got hurt last week or if he is even hurt. Regardless. He is a vital part of this defense and the Patriots will take their time with him.

3. Heavy emphasis on Thursday- Expect the Patriots to do more team and group work today ahead of Thursday night’s pre-season game against the Texans. Teams do not game plan for preseason games per say but they do put in plays that they like and want to see in game action. Same goes for the defense. The Patriots will not a show a lot of front or pressures but they will vary their coverages and move personnel around.

4. Twos and Threes Will Get Reps- The majority of the team reps today will go to the reps and threes as they will play most of the snaps on Thursday night. Players in the bottom third of the roster only get so many chances to prove themselves. Thursday will be that opportunity so they must make these practice reps count.

5. Light day- I would expect a light day physically. Today’s practice will be three quarter speed and more about executing the plays that will be run on Thursday night versus being physical and competing for reps like a regular practice.