Patriots: The Patriots have built a team that can win with a rookie quarterback under center

The decision to cut Cam Newton sent shockwaves around the NFL world yesterday but when you look at the Patriots situation more closely, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the team decided to move on from the veteran signal caller.

Bill Belichick made the decision to go with Mac Jones for a myriad of reasons. One of them is the supporting cast he assembled around him. Belichick built a roster that can support a young quarterback.

The Patriots are going to run the football and play good defense. That is going to be the basis of their offense. Sure, they will do more things in the passing game with Jones, but they are not going to ask him to win games for them. It is going to be a team effort.

The roster is built to play to a young quarterback’s strengths. You have two tight ends who can work the middle of the field and a group of receivers who are sure handed and good route runners who can get open. The running backs can also generate match ups in the passing game as well.

The offensive line is a top five unit in the NFL. Not only will they pave the way for the running game, they will also give Jones the time he needs in the pocket and protect him.

Jones also helped himself become the starter by having a strong camp and playing well in the preseason. He earned the job.

The one knock on Jones was that he needed a strong supporting cast in order to produce. Well, he has that in New England and that is why he is the starting quarterback.