Patriots point-counterpoint: The Patriots unveil new uniforms

All images courtesy of the New England Patriots.

The Patriots unveiled new uniforms yesterday for the first time in 20 years. The design is based on the color rush uniforms the team has been wearing the past two years.

The reception to the new threads has been mixed at best. Some people like them but a lot of people hate them. Case in point.

Count my colleague Kevin Stone amongst those who are skeptical of the new uniforms.

Stone: Let me start by saying I do like the white jerseys, for some reason they don’t bother me nearly as much as the blues. The whites would have looked incredible with white helmets as well.


Sarianides: I like both uniforms a lot. They are clean, sharp and well put together. I cannot stand uniforms that are “busy.” Nike ruined uniforms in recent with their goofy designs, color schemes and piping. I get the love for the white helmet but that’s Patriots fans holding onto to hope that Pat the Patriot will make a return.

Stone: As for the “new” home uniforms, they are just the color rush uniforms, and even those weren’t great to begin with. Stripes are sort of big, and again, I go back to the white helmets, I think it would have made a huge difference here.

Sarianides: The blue on blue is fine for me. Get over the helmet Stone!

I hope they have a second pant because if they wear the red jersey at some point, it will look goofy with the blue pant. Their has to be a white pant. It is the only pant color that would work with this color scheme.

Stone: Bottom line, they are O.K to me. I would have liked the return of Pat the Patriot.

Sarianides: I am so tired about hearing of Pat the Patriot! People around here are so hung up on the old uniform and logo. I get it. Pat the Patriot was an awesome logo. So was Bucco Bruce in Tampa! Both are synonymous with losing. The Flying Elvis is synonymous with winning. Give me Elvis.

Bottom line. It was time for a new look. Tom Brady is gone and in many ways, it is the start of a new era. Let’s kick it off with new uniforms. I’m in!