Patriots: Patriots, Lions trade rumors don’t make sense for either team

Rumors have been circulating on social media the past few days of a possible Patriots, Detroit Lions pre-draft trade.

The first deal involves the Patriots trading the 23rd pick, guard Joe Thuney and the 87th pick (3rd Round) in exchange for the 3rd overall pick.

On paper, you might think this is a good deal for both teams. The Patriots could use the 3rd overall pick to possibly draft Tom Brady’s replacement. Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa has been rumored to be the player the Patriots are targeting.

In return, the Lions would add one of the best guards in the game in Thuney, they get a later first round pick and an additional third round pick.

The problem with this deal is simple. Twenty spots is too far a drop for Detroit. They need help at several spots most notably cornerback, defensive line and linebacker. They could get a franchise game changer at three like Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah or Clemson outside linebacker Isaiah Simmons.

Adding Thuney would fortify Detroit’s offensive line, especially after the departure of guard Graham Glasgow but Thuney could command $15 to $17 million per season on a new contract. Does Detroit want to spend that kind of money on an offensive lineman? They let Glasgow walk because they couldn’t afford him. I doubt they would want to pay Thuney despite his talent.

Another player being mentioned in a possible Patriots, Lions trade is wide receiver Julian Edelman. The 34 year old Edelman is scheduled to make $9.6 million this season. If the Patriots were to trade Edelman before June 1st, they would have $5.3 million dollars of dead money on their salary cap. If they trade him after June 1st, they would have $2.96 million dollars of dead money on their cap.

When you look at the potential cap savings, it makes no sense to trade Edelman right now. Never mind the fact that the return would be minimal. At best, you would be looking at a forth round pick in exchange for him.

Even the Lions, who know Edelman as a player aren’t foolish enough to overpay to acquire him. Especially not in a year where the receiver position is so deep in the draft.

I would not doubt that the two teams have talked about a possible deal but when you peel back the layers, it doesn’t make much sense for either side right now. Could that change as the draft gets closer, sure. As of now however, I don’t see a deal happening.