Patriots: Cassius Marsh would rather have fun than win

According to former Patriots outside linebacker Cassius Marsh, the Patriots treat their players like “crap.”

The disgruntled Marsh made the comment on a podcast yesterday. 

The Patriot Way is extremely impressive,” Marsh said. “They work day-in and day-out. Their work ethic over there, what they instill, is pretty legendary. But they also treat players like crap. You don’t have a lunch period. You get there and you have to make time to eat in between meetings. And they’re like five to 10 minute periods where I would literally go scoop food and put it in a cup and crush it real quick before I got to the next meeting. There’s no fun. There’s no — well, that is what I got in trouble for, for saying they don’t have fun.”

So according to Marsh, playing for the Patriots is hard but they win which isn’t as fun as you think. The problem with all of this is that Marsh comes off as really ignorant. Of course it’s hard playing for Bill Belichick and the Patriots! Why do you think they have been so good the past twenty years? It’s not by accident. They have outworked everyone and sacrificed. 

Marsh would rather have more fun than win football games. Isn’t that what he’s saying in essence? Maybe that’s why he has played for seven different organizations in his career. 

I never understood why they even signed him to begin with. While I liked his versatility as a player, Marsh is an eccentric personality and I never saw the character fit here. Now you know why. Having a good time playing football is more important to him than competing for championships. Well, that’s not the way it works here. If it did, the Patriots would still be irrelevant.