NFL At Large: New Rule Changes Will Make the Game Safer and Softer.

NFL Rule Changes

The NFL announced several rule changes for the 2016 season. Here the changes and my thoughts on them.

1. Chop Blocks Have Been Outlawed: Is this really a surprise? I’m surprised it took this long to outlaw all chop blocks. I don’t agree with the change but given where the game is going, I can’t say I’m surprised. The game is getting softer in all aspects.

2. Horse Collar Expanded: Defensive players everywhere are bemoaning this play. There will be a more penalties called for horse collar tackles now and there a lot more complaining as well.

3. Extra Point Rule Official: All extra points are now officially marked at the 15 yard line and all two point conversations will be spotted at the 3. The longer extra point made games more interesting and it forced teams to go for two more often which makes situational football more important.

4. Coordinators Can Now Talk to Players: Remember the old days when the quarterback would get on the phone with the primary play caller. The league limited communication with the box. Well, now its back. Offensive and defensive coordinators up in the box can now communicate with players on the side line one on one.

5. Chris Webber Rule: If a player calls a time out when their team no longer has timeouts, its an automatic delay of game penalty.

6. Illegal Touch Equals Loss of Down: This is harsh, I’m not going to lie. If a player who was out of bounds, comes back in bounds and is the first to touch the ball on a forward pass, its a penalty and a loss of down. WOW. That’s drastic but necessary.

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