NFL: Aaron Rodgers Should Focus on Playing Football, Not Running the Packers

According to Charles Robinson of, Aaron Rodgers is growing frustrated with the Packers for not seeking his opinion on personnel matters. Rodgers has expressed frustration with the organization after they fired quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt and released wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

Rodgers is so frustrated in fact that some around him wonder if he will stay in Green Bay once his current contract expires after the 2019 season.

While I understand Rodgers frustration, he is naive if he thinks he or any other quarterback in the league should have a say in personnel matters. It’s a pipe dream that Rodgers thinks is reality in other organizations.

No quarterback in the NFL has a say in personnel decisions, not even Tom Brady. I get Rodgers is a sensitive guy and that he is troubled by the decisions the organization has made this off season but the reality is, the Packers don’t have to consult him before making a decision. It does not work like that in the NFL.

With two years remaining on his current contract, some of Rodgers displeasure most certainly centers around the fact that he doesn’t have a new deal yet. That’s understandable but whining about having a say and acting like a diva isn’t going to help the negotiation process. Rodgers should be focusing on getting back on the field, not playing Monday Morning GM.

Rodgers is powerless in this situation. He can either suck it up and play or retire. Those are his only two options. Of course he could retire and then come out of retirement and sign with another team. Wait….there was another quarterback who did that. What was his name? It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Anyway, I digress. Rodgers should focus on doing his job and not Mark Murphy’s and Brian Gutenkunst’s. After all, they are the ones who pay him and sign his checks. He should with them, not against them.