JuJu Smith-Schuster going back to school with Pats playbook

FOXBOROUGH – Around 12:58 on Tuesday afternoon with seven or eight cameras set up and well over a dozen reporters on hand, the newest Patriots receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster met the media for the first time while standing up on a riser.

JuJu had a backpack on like he had just come from his second class of the day back at USC. It’s been seven years since Smith-Schuster left SoCal, but he’s gone back to his college ways trying to get up to speed with the Patriots offense after signing in free agency.

“I feel like I’m back in college or school,” he said to a big laugh. “After this, I’m going to go home, put a couple hours in, study, put on some Call of Duty and get back to my studying. I’m making flashcards. I’ve got a lot of flash cards. I definitely am studying more. I’m getting the offense down.

“The terminology is different than what I’ve learned in the past, but that just goes to say, that like, these coaches are really, really smart when it comes to football and just knowing defense. Terminology to the extent where, like, every day I’m grinding. I think that’s what I love about being here is that, every day is a new day. I’m going to keep growing.”

We’ve heard many tales about guys not being able to pick up the offense, and whether or not Smith-Schuster’s efforts lead to success on the field remains to be seen, but after spending time in Pittsburgh and then winning a Super Bowl with Kansas City, he’s loving the decision to become a Patriot so far.

Even if it is like preparing for and working through a 400-page thesis statement before graduation.

“Honestly, one last thing, if you guys saw what we study, we should get like, a college degree for doing that, man,” he added. I would say it’s awesome. The whole experience of just being here and I think that’s why I love football so much, because you just keep growing.”