Belichick reminds us of his appreciation of Tom Brady

Bill Belichick made his weekly appearance on the Greg Hill Morning Show early this morning and he was asked about his favorite Tom Brady moments.

Belichick gave a good, succinct answer that proves like us, he appreciated Brady and what he meant to the Patriots and the region.

“Well, there are six of them that come to mind. Can’t say enough about Tom – what he’s meant to this organization, what he’s meant to me personally. He just epitomized everything you would want in a player – his work ethic, his ability to handle and process a lot of things on and off the field. His critical playmaking ability, instinctiveness and anticipation and decision making at the most critical times in the biggest games in the team’s history not to mention the seasons.

“For so many years, he set a standard of daily performance which turned into yearly performance which turned into not only a Hall of Fame career, but probably the best career of all time in the National Football League.”

Belichick continued: “He did it on a day-to-day basis. I’d say that’s really the biggest thing about Tom that’s so impressive is what you got from him every day was that same level of commitment, work ethic, performance, attention to detail and inquisitiveness and coachability. Tom’s always looking to get better, improve and find ways to be a little bit better than he was no matter how good he was. That’s really a great, great attitude to have with a player of his person and ability and performance and production.”

Belichick is fully aware of what Brady meant to his career. For all of the negativity surrounding Brady’s departure from the organization and questions about his relationship with Brady, Belichick has always been forthright in terms of how he feels about Brady.

It was especially evident when Belichick appeared on Brady’s Let Go Podcast earlier this year. He praised Brady for his work ethic and commitment to greatness. The two men shared their feelings towards each other and what they meant to each other’s careers.

Now with Brady returning this week, it is a great opportunity for the two men to reconnect in person again. If nothing else, it will get the fans excited to see the two men share a field again. After all, it has been four years since the last time they have. It has been too long.