A Mac Jones trade is possible according to sources. Do you buy that?

According to MMQB insider Albert Breer and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, the Patriots would listen to trade offers for Mac Jones.

So why would the Patriots trade their starting quarterback? According to Breer, Bill Belichick did not like the way Jones handled things last season.

“I don’t think Bill appreciated the way that Mac handled some of the stuff last year,” Breer said. “There’s a way that I think Bill thinks a franchise quarterback should conduct himself. And for the most part, (Tom) Brady did conduct himself that way. I think there were certain things in the way that Mac handled his second year as a pro that Bill didn’t appreciate.”

If the Patriots did make Jones available, both Breer and Florio believe that old friend Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders could be interested.

“After the season ended, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked whether Jones will be the team’s starter in 2023, Florio wrote. “Belichick didn’t answer the question, saying instead that Jones has proved he can play in this league. Perhaps a trade could happen, pairing Jones with the former Patriots offensive coordinator who helped Jones have a solid rookie season.”

However according to Breer, the Raiders interest would depend on what the Patriots would want in return. They certainly wouldn’t give up their first round pick for him.

“I don’t know how in love the Raiders are with Mac. Like, if you’re talking about getting their first-round pick, I don’t think that’s happening.”

The fact that this report is out there reiterates what many believed during the season. There was a disconnect between Jones, Belichick and the staff.

I do believe Belichick would trade Jones this off-season for the right return. I don’t think he sees him as a long term answer at the position.

So what could the Patriots get for Jones? I don’t think they get a first round pick but I can certainly see them getting a second round pick or a package of mid-round picks. 

Where there is smoke, there is fire. It would not be surprising if the Patriots traded Jones if the right offer came along.

If the Patriots do trade Jones, an already big off-season for them takes on even greater importance.