Boston College: Busy days for BC even in the offseason as players come and go

January 19, 2022

The life of a football staff at the Division 1 level isn’t an easy one. Even when there’s little football going on, it’s a 24/7, 365 gig. As the NFL season winds down and the college season is officially over, head coaches, assistants, player personnel directors and anyone else needed are hard at work prepping for the draft and trying to bring in classes that may turn a program from…


Boston College: Who will be the next offensive coordinator? Here are some names to consider.

January 14, 2022

Jeff Hafley needs to find an offensive coordinator now that former coordinator Frank Cignetti has left for Pitt. Given the timing of the move, it is probably best to keep it in house but Hafley may opt to open it up and interview outside candidates as well. Here are some potential candidates who we think may be in the running. Most have worked with Hafley during his career. Joe Dailey,…


Boston College: Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti departs BC for Pitt. Who could be the next guy in line for the position?

January 13, 2022

Nothing like a little late breaking news on a Thursday night. Around 7 PM, Pete Thamel tweeted that BC offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti was leaving Chestnut Hill to take over the same position at Pitt. Cignetti was the OC in each of Jeff Hafley’s first two seasons at Boston College, which means a big decision is now in order for the head coach. My initial gut reaction to this was…


Boston College: Pair of BC receivers leaving, what’s it mean for the offense?

January 11, 2022

CJ Lewis will always have a small part in Boston College history. Unfortunately, his time as an Eagle is up. On Monday night, Lewis announced he was entering the transfer portal with one more year of eligibility left. That news comes a week after speedster Kobay White announced he was leaving Boston College and joining the James Madison program. With Zay Flowers and Jalen Gill returning along with the addition…


NFL: With season sweep of Pats, Flores proves he’s by far the best coach from the Belichick coaching tree

January 10, 2022

Photo: Is there even a doubt now? Brian Flores is the best head coach from the Belichick coaching tree. Flores led the Miami Dolphins to the team’s first season sweep over the Patriots since 2000 on Sunday and it really wasn’t even close. The Dolphins dominated much of the 33-24 regular season finale. Sure, Flores and his team won’t be playing in the playoffs next week, but the former…


Boston College: Kobay White transfers to James Madison while Marcus Valdez announces he’s returning for one more season

January 6, 2022

It was a busy evening in Chestnut Hill with one prominent player announcing he is leaving the program while another announced he is returning for one final year. Kobay White announced that he is transferring to James Madison. The veteran wideout is leaving Boston College after two injury riddled seasons. White is going to play for current Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti’s brother, Curt Cignetti at JMU. White should be…


Boston College: Eagles forced out of Military Bowl due to Covid issues, ending another strange year on a strange note

December 27, 2021

Ok, so either someone on the Eagles “named names” or they’ve been blacklisted from actually PLAYING real bowl games like Ned Isakoff being blacklisted by Hop Sing’s. You won’t get that unless you’re a Seinfeld fan, but it’s literally the only explanation for the run of absolutely horrible luck when it comes to BC and bowl games. The recent run continued early on Sunday when it was announced the Military…


Boston College: Coach Hafley & a few players discuss favorite Christmas gifts

December 21, 2021

Photo: ‘Tis the season. Christmas has again quickly crept up on all of us and the Eagles will actually be spending theirs with family in Washington D.C this weekend for the Military Bowl. Before heading to D.C. later this week, BC had its final bit of in-person media availability at home on Monday. It can’t all be football and ECU prep discussion, so I asked Jeff Hafley, Pat Garwo,…


Boston College: BC fans should look back appreciatively on the Dennis Grosel days, his teammates and coaches certainly will

December 21, 2021

Photo: Paul Rutherford/USA Today Sports When people talk about BC football between 2017-2021 over a few beers at a bar 20 or 30 years from now, the quarterback names that will probably come up the most are Anthony Brown and Phil Jurkovec. Jurkovec’s name may become legendary around campus depending on how the 2022 season goes. Boston College fans won’t really remember the other guy in the mix over the…


Boston College: Local talent staying home to “Get In” with Hafley & the Eagles

December 15, 2021

Since the day Jeff Hafley was introduced as the new head coach at BC, he has been committed to making sure some of the best talent in Massachusetts stays home. It’s one thing for a new coach to say he’s going to try and keep the best local players in the area, but it’s another thing to convince them to stay when other major universities are calling and basically begging…