UMass lands Needham’s Smith in the transfer portal

UMass landed former Needham High School tight end Matt Smith in the transfer portal last night. Smith is transferring in from Duke and has two years of eligibility remaining but it could end up being three years.

At 6-4 240, Smith functions as a move tight end who can detach from formations and line up anywhere including the backfield. He gives offensive coordinator Steve Casula another weapon in the passing game.

Smith joins a tight end room that includes former quarterback Gino Campiotti, Eni Falayi, Jason Weir, Nathan Fraser, Jackson Manning and Mangus Von Saldern.

UMass wants to be more physical running the football but they also want tight ends that can work the middle of the field in the passing game. Smith can be that player. He can run every route in the offense and lead block or wrap around on a spilt zone play.

The Minutemen are not done in the portal. With the window closing later this month, UMass can still add to their roster. I would expect another one or two names to drop in the coming weeks.