Boston College: Despite struggles, Mahogany’s presence still helpful for young O-line

Photo – BC Athletics

CHESTNUT HILL – It’s the understatement of the century to say that the Eagles desperately miss All-ACC offensive lineman Christian Mahogany.

Following the ugly loss to Florida State this past weekend, the Eagles were back at practice on Tuesday morning preparing for Louisville. The young O-line is still working to get better, but Mahogany’s presence on Saturdays is still greatly missed.

There’s a small chance he can still return this season, which is something head coach Jeff Hafley acknowledged on Tuesday.

“It’s definitely an option,” he said when asked about the possibility. “It’s his knee, so it’s usually a long process to recover from. I don’t want to just tell you no right now.”

While it’s still a long shot as things currently stand, Mahogany’s presence has still been extremely valuable to guys like Ozzy Trapilo, Finn Dirstine and Drew Kendall who are still learning what it takes to be elite at the highest level of college football. Hafley talked about how valuable Mahogany’s ability to help guys off the field is while he tries to get back on the field and just how much he’s missed in the huddle.

“He’s the alpha,” Hafley added. “He turned into that alpha leader, and you can still see it and feel it, but it’s not the same when he’s not in the huddle and on the field. He’s got a presence about him. Even when he walks around here he can barely fit through the damn door. I miss him in a lot of ways. he’s one of my favorite players on the team just as a person, he’s a great kid. You’ve got to have him around. That guy’s out there coaching the guys when he’s done with his rehab and he’s in the meeting rooms. Like, I go in on Fridays and they’re all doing their tests and he’s sitting there helping them with their tests. He’s the guy. He’s a big man and he’a a damn good player.”

Dirstine also talked about how much of a help Mahogany continues to be for the young guys, even if the results aren’t showing up on the field like everyone expects.

“A lot,” Dirstine said when asked how much Mahogany is still helping. “It’s awesome to have him there as a resource. He’s played a lot of ball, we get some good tips from him. He’ll be out at practice giving some pointers, it’s awesome. It’s killing him he’s not out there.”