UConn Four Down Preview: Syracuse Orange (1-0) at UConn Huskies (1-1)

Kickoff: The Huskies host Syracuse tonight in what is being hyped up as one of the biggest home games in years. Coach Jim Mora called for fans to get their early and make their presence known. The Huskies are coming off of a 28-3 win over Central Connecticut State. Syracuse beat Louisville 27-0 in their season opener last week.

1st Down: Play under control: Emotions will be running high tonight. This is a big game for this program. With that said, the Huskies have to play under control and not let the moment get to them. There is such a thing as being too jacked. Manage the emotions tonight.

2nd Down: Take care of the ball: Turnovers have been a problem for the Huskies through two games. They must do a better job of taking care of the ball. You cannot give Syracuse’s potent offense extra possessions.

3rd Down: Slow down Sean Tucker: I don’t think anyone can really stop Tucker but you can certainly slow him down and if the Huskies want to win this game, they are going to need to find a way to slow him down.

4th Stay on schedule offensively: The Huskies have to stay out of second and long and third and long. They need to stay on schedule and avoid long down situations.

Extra Point: This is the tenth meeting between the two schools. UConn leads the all-time series 6-3.

Final Drive: We all know the importance of this game. It is big not only on the field but off the field as well when it comes to recruiting. Syracuse has gotten a lot of good players out of the nutmeg state through the years. UConn needs signature to validate that they are a more competitive program. Tonight is their opportunity to get that signature win and let the rest of the country know that UConn is for real.