Boston College: Tired of just talking, Eagles open up camp with a new edge to them

If you listened to any of head coach Jeff Hafley’s statements during ACC Media Day a few weeks ago, you could hear a different tone in his voice when talking about the team.

Hafley and the rest of the Eagles are tired of just talking about why things are going to be different.

Now in his third season, but really his first true training camp after two years of Covid and recruting restrictions, Coach Hafley met with the local media following the first day of practice on Friday morning and talked about his approach.

Right from the start of stretching and drills at 8:30 A.M., the tempo was up. Of course, it’s Day 1, so you’d hope the energy was high, but there was a no nonsense feel to things. That’s because Hafley has struck a balance between being the same guy he’s always been, while also making sure there is a different type of swagger to his team right from the jump in 2022.

“The urgency has always been the same, but do I have a little bit more of an edge to me because I’m pissed off how it went last year? Yeah.” he said. “The urgency is the same, exactly the same, so maybe you’re just seeing a different edge out of me, maybe you’re just seeing me being more comfortable being a head coach and being who I am.”

Everyone in the program has noticed a difference and feels like it’s been a necessary shift in energy from ‘we can be really good’ to ‘we’re going to F teams up this year.’

“We can definitely sense that,” said Jason Maitre, who will be a key piece to BC’s defensive puzzle this season. “Practice, meetings, there’s a little more intensity with coaches and players. You can feel it. Being out here Day 1, it’s just Day 1, but you can definitely feel it. We’ve got a different edge about us. It’s definitely good.

“We definitely needed that. I think we’ve underachieved and we can do big things. We’ve got a good team and I think if you play with that edge every day in practice, attack everything the way you should, we can be a really good team.”

Another key piece to the defense will be Jaiden Woodbey, who echoed the same sentiments.

“Yes, definitely. In everything,” he said. “Just life in general at BC, I know this is a blue-collar school, so we have to keep doing everything with a chip on our shoulder. Everybody is always going to count us out regardless, so we have that edge and we’re going to keep it that way.”

This isn’t just a new development with camp starting either. The edge that BC is carrying started all the way back at the end of the 2021 season.

“Most definitely, we’ve sensed it since after the last game,” added receiver Jaelen Gill, who along with Zay Flowers may be the best duo in the ACC this year. “We even sensed it the first day back from winter break. We’re all just picking up on it too. I think we needed more edge, our team needed more edge. We definitely need more of that savage mentality.

“I think it’s great and I think it’ll help us going forward.”