Patriots: When it comes to the Patriots coaching structure, In Bill We Trust does not apply

In Bill We Trust is a moniker Patriots fans have adopted through the years to show faith in Bill Belichick and his decision making.

Since the departure of Tom Brady in 2020 however, you are hearing that moniker being thrown around less and less. Now all of sudden, Patriots fans don’t trust Belichick. Especially when it comes to personnel decisions and how he structures his coaching staff.

Patriots fans have openly expressed concern and discontent over who will coach and run the offense now that former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is in Las Vegas.

By all accounts, Matt Patricia will be the primary play caller. He will coach the offensive line and former Patriots assistant and Giants head coach Joe Judge will coach the quarterbacks. Both coaches are well versed in the “Patriot Way” but that is not enough for Patriot fans. They cannot fathom the idea that these two men will play a significant role on offense and the development of Mac Jones.

While I can understand the concern, the reaction is purely based on the fact that these two men are both failed head coaches. Sure. Patriots fans are accustomed to seeing them coach defense and special teams but the vitriolic response to them coaching offense is purely based on them not being good head coaches. It must mean they are not good coaches.

My issue is more about their lack of experience on the offensive side of the ball. Especially when it comes to play calling. I think both men are good coaches but the lack of play calling experience is concerning despite their institutional knowledge.

In the end, this will all work itself out. “In Bill We Trust” however is no longer a thing. After the Patriots recent draft and these coaching appointments, some Patriots fans don’t trust Belichick anymore.