Patriots Draft: Scouting Report on OG Chasen Hines

The Patriots drafted guard Chasen Hines with Pick 210 in the sixth round. On paper, Hines reminds me of Michael Onwenu who the Patriots took in the sixth round two years ago out of Michigan. Hines is 6-3 350. He needs to drop a few pounds. If he does, he can be good with his athleticism.

Onwenu has turned out to be very good for the Patriots and they are hoping they get similar production out of Hines.

Here is my scouting report on Chasen Hines.

Chasen Hines, OG, 6-3 350, LSU

Initial Quickness: Hines comes off the ball quick. Has some snap and pop to him. He can get on defenders quick and set the line of scrimmage.

Run Blocker: When he plays balanced and with a good pad level, he can move defenders on drive and reach blocks. When he comes out tall and gives up his chest, he gets stoned and pushed back.

Pass Blocker: Same thing. It is all about his get off. If Hines sets up quick and can punch and re-position, he is fine. If he gets bull rushed and driven back, he doesn’t anchor well and ends up getting beat. It is the same thing with speed rushers. Hines must do a better job of cutting the edge off.

Pull & Trap: Hines is athletic for a man his size. He moves well laterally. He can bucket step and run on outside zone and he does a good job of pulling, staying low and either trapping or getting up the hole and leading through.

Use of Hands: Hines is strong. He has a heavy punch and he shock and stick blocks. He needs to do it more routinely.

Strength: Plays with good strength but needs to be more consistent in this area. So much of his strength is predicated on his ability to bend and play with leverage.

Explosion: For a player who moves as well as Hines does, he is not always explosive. Needs to do a better job of getting on defenders and not falling off blocks. There was too much of that on his tape.

Final Thoughts: Hines is Michael Onwenu 2.0. If the Patriots can get his weight down and he can be motivated, he can make this roster.