High School: MHSFCA Combine hits Gillette Stadium May 1st

There are always a lot of camps and combines available to football players this time of year. One of the best is coming up on May 1 at Gillette Stadium.

The annual MHSFCA — Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association — is running its annual combine on that date. It is one of the best around for many reasons, but a big one is accuracy.

This combine will feature laser-timed running events. The difference, in recruiting, is huge. When hand-timed events are taken, people who evaluate players have to go through the awkward transition of figuring out what the time “really” is. In other words, what the time would have been with a laser time.

For instance, in the 40-yard dash, the standard conversion rate for a hand-timed run is about plus-.24. So, if you run a 4.5 that is hand timed, you really probably ran closer to a 4.74.

But if you come to the MHSFCA combine, no one will have to play that guessing game. If you run a 4.61 there, that’s the real time. So, on the one hand, it is tougher to run a great number. On the other, you’ll have run one that is laser accurate.

You can’t do much better than that. You get these numbers on May 1 at Gillette, and those are the real ones. You won’t have to do any conversions for what the time actually is.

That type of accuracy is very important to college coaches. You run a great laser timed 40 or pro agility, that number is locked in. It will just hold more weight than a hand timed one.

Registration closes Monday night, so get in on this opportunity. Players from the classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025 are eligible to join. This gives you a shot to get real, dependable numbers out to colleges.

Don’t miss out.