Pirates: Massachusetts Pirates (3-0) at Green Bay Blizzard (0-4)

The Pirates will look to win their 15th straight tonight when they visit the Green Bay Blizzard for a 7:05 pm kick off. Here are three keys to the game for the Pirates.

1. Play smart: The Pirates are playing arguably the worst team in the IFL. Green Bay has been competitive in their four losses but two of those games have come against Bismarck. The Bucks are not the Pirates. As long as the Pirates play smart and take care of the ball tonight, they should be fine. Playing a mistake free game is just as important as it is against a quality opponent.

2. Defense must rebound: This game is an opportunity for the defense to rebound and play better than they have to start the season. The defense hasn’t played terrible but they need to be better when the schedule gets tougher. Games like this will help them improve in certain areas.

3. Stay healthy: Games you are suppose to win can be tricky because if you don’t play well, it affects the confidence of the team. The other issue can injuries. You don’t want to suffer injuries in any games let alone ones you should win. The Pirates need to take care of business and come out of this game healthy.

Final Prediction: Pirates 41 Blizzard 23: Green Bay will get theirs but the Pirates are the much better team. They should have no problem scoring en route to their 15th straight win.