Boston College: Christian Mahogany steals the show with a big man touchdown

Christian Mahogany is one of the top guards in the country. After yesterday’s spring game, Mahogany might also be one of the Wildcat quarterbacks in the country.

In the first half of yesterday’s game, Team Boston had a first and goal at the two. When they broke the huddle, Mahogany didn’t line up at his normal right guard spot. He lined up at quarterback. He took the direct snap and scored on a straight dive.

Mahogany thought he was going to line up at fullback when the play was called but he was quickly corrected by offensive coordinator John McNulty.

“I thought I was gonna go in at fullback. That’s what I envisioned. And then [Coach McNulty] said, ‘No, you’re at Wildcat.’ I said, ‘Alright, even better.” Mahogany added: “So that was pretty fun.”

The play even caught Mahogany’s teammates by surprise. Safety Jaiden Woodbey was all set with taking on his teammate at the goal line. “I wasn’t going to try and tackle him. I’m good. He can have it.” said Woodbey.

Perhaps the best part of the play was the celebration after Mahogany scored. He and his fellow offensive lineman did a keg stand celebration similar to the one Quenton Nelson and the Colts did last season.

“Quenton Nelson did it. That’s a guy I like to resemble my game after so I did what he did. So it was a dope little celebration that we all came up with together.”

The play and celebration were the highlight of what was a great day at the Heights.