Patriots: Some familiar names are staying and some are going in a quiet first day of free agency for the Patriots

Free agency unofficially began yesterday with the legal tampering window starting today at noon. As expected, the Patriots primarily focused on retaining some of their players while losing some key contributors as well.

Here are my thoughts on day one of free agency for the Patriots.

  1. I thought J.C Jackson got a fair market deal from the Los Angeles Chargers. Jackson signed a five year, $82.5 million dollar contract. He got $40 million guaranteed. Some thought he would do better and so did I but in the end, he took a little less than top five money but secured more money guaranteed.
  2. Ted Karras is a loss for the Patriots. His versatility and presence will be missed. The Patriots unfortunately were in no position financially to match the 3 year, $18 million dollar deal he is getting from the Bengals.
  3. Was there ever any doubt that Matthew Slater would re-sign with the Patriots. He loves it here, his family loves it here and he wants to retire a Patriot.
  4. Re-signing Brian Hoyer was a smart move. It is a smart move for three reasons.

He was affordable for a back up. The Patriots signed him to a two-year, $4 million dollar deal.

Hoyer returning is a great for Mac Jones. He can continue to help develop the young quarterback.

It will help whomever is the offensive play caller. Whether it is Matt Patricia or someone else, Hoyer’s institutional knowledge of the Patriots offense can be a plus.

5. Re-signing Nick Folk was a no brainer. Folk has been one of the best kickers in the game the past two seasons connecting on 62 of 67 attempts. Bringing him back for two more years was a smart move. It also buys the Patriots some time to develop fan favorite Quin Nordin.

6. Matthew Judon has taken on the role of recruiter for the team but unfortunately his efforts have failed to yield a commitment. It will be tough given the Patriots cap situation.

7. I still haven’t figured out Devin McCourty’s contract. I am glad he’s back but I have no idea what the deal is with his contract. Luckily, our good friend Miguel Benzan explained it to us last night on the New England Football Show.