NFL Draft: 3 Thoughts on E.J Perry’s Combine Performance

E.J Perry worked out for coaches and front office personnel last night at the Combine in Indianapolis. Here are three thoughts on his workout.

1. Ran an impressive 4.65 forty: Perry ran a 4.65 forty which is a good time for a quarterback. In this era of athletic, dual threat quarterbacks, forty times are more important. Perry showcased his running ability in college and backed it up at the combine with a time that shows he should be in the conversation as one of the top dual threat quarterbacks in this draft.

2. Inconsistent on out breaking routes: E.J was inconsistent on some of the out breaking routes but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that he was taking a three and five step drop from under center. He hasn’t done that at all in his playing career. In this era of shotgun, spread offenses, I am not sure why they take under center drops at the combine but they do. Regardless, this is an area E.J will show great improvement in by the time his pro day rolls around.

3. Showcased his arm strength: E.J proved he has plenty of arm strength on fade and corner throws. He threw a beautiful fade ball down the right sideline and hit the receiver in stride. He put the ball on the outside shoulder displaying good accuracy and ball placement.

Unrelated. I thought he threw the curl route well also.

I think E.J had a good workout. There are certainly things he can work on but he proved he belongs on that stage. If he has a good pro day, there is no reason why he shouldn’t go in the fourth to sixth round range in the draft.