Patriots: The Patriots system is in place. Finding the right person to call the plays is what matters

I have often said that Bill Belichick is the Tom Landry of this generation. Landry believed that he can win with any player because of his system. Belichick believes the same thing. The proof is in the pudding as he has only only had two losing seasons in 22 years.

It was why in many ways, it does not matter who the Patriots hire as their next offensive coordinator. That coach will inherit a system. They will not be coming in and running their own.

Belichick, like Nick Saban at Alabama believes in having systems in place on offense, defense and special teams. The coaches who are elevated to coordinator positions must have experience in those systems. Sure, they can introduce new concepts but the base offense, defense and special teams remain the same.

Belichick adopted this philosophy before he was even the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He explained the importance of having a system in place that can be used by multiple coaches in 2016.

“We’ll teach coaches our system, and develop them from within so we don’t have to change philosophies when coaches change. I have my (X’s and O’s) philosophy, that’s what we’re going to do, obviously with modifications. But we weren’t going to change offensive, defensive and special-teams philosophies in personnel every time we make a coaching change. I’ve tried to live by that my entire head-coaching career.”

It is why internal candidates like receivers coach Mick Lombardi and tight ends coach Nick Caley have a legitimate shot at being given play calling duties. It could also be someone like Joe Judge who is rumored to be possibly returning. He knows the system.

While they may not have the title per say but they will be allowed to game plan, script and call offensive plays. With Belichick’s guiding hand of course.

I still think you could see the Patriots go outside the organization but regardless of who it is, they are going to have to be willing to adopt the Patriot Way. If they do not want to do that, they will not coach here. It is simple as that.

Belichick can operate this way. He has six rings to prove it works. It will be interesting to see who calls plays next season. Regardless of who it is. They are going to be running a system that has been in place for a long time.

It is the system that makes the Patriot Way work.