Patriots: Ahead of snow storm Friday, no one wants to be “That Guy”

There will be no excuses for Patriots players not to be in the building on Friday morning while the snow flies around New England.

No “my car wouldn’t start” will be accepted from anyone. Bill Belichick gave his team “the snow speech” on Thursday.

No one wants to be That Guy.

“Just talking about getting ready for the snow, I live in an apartment complex right now so I’m sure they’re going to have all that under control,” said Davon Godchaux, who spent the last four years in Miami. Before that, Godchaux went to LSU after going to high school in Louisiana. To say snow is rare to him would be a severe understatement.

“I plan on waking up like an hour ahead,” Godchaux added with a grin. “Defrosting my windows and leaving early. I’ve never been in a snow drive on the way to the practice facility, so I look forward to seeing that tomorrow. I’ve got to get up early and make sure I don’t want to be late to meetings and get in on time. He already gave us the snow speech, so I don’t want to be that guy.”

Of course this never really became a true topic of discussion every winter until 2009. That year, Adalius Thomas famously said he couldn’t “just jump up and fly” in reference to the show the Jetsons when talking about being stuck in traffic. Thomas was sent home after he was late for a meeting, sparking the interest in how Belichick addresses his team when it comes to the weather.

Randy Moss, Gary Guyton and Derrick Burgess were also late that day and were also sent home. It has become a badge of honor not to be “that guy” while coming to work at 1 Patriot Place every day.

It hasn’t just been Bill giving advice either. The veterans have heard the speech many times and are imparting wisdom on the younger guys.

“For sure, a lot of my teammates (have said) you can’t be late to anything we have mandatory,” said Rhamondre Stevenson who lived California, then went to Oklahoma. He had to be reminded to buy a snow shovel.

“A lot of the older guys have said “you got this?” or “you got that?” making sure I have all the tools I need. Keep a snow shovel, I did, (buy one) yeah.”

The team seems laser focused on not just getting a win in Miami, but continuing to build momentum and Sunday is no time to take two steps back after taking a step forward against Jacksonville. Before that can happen, guys need to be committed to beating the elements and showing up to work early or at the very least on time Friday.

“I’ve just got to get in my car and drive,” added Judon. “Make sure I’m there, if that’s just setting an alarm clock 30 minutes early so you can warm your car up, whatever that is. People from the southern states are lucky they don’t deal with snow, but I’ve been kind of dealing with snow my whole life, so I think I’ll be alright.”

It doesn’t sound like much to the ordinary 9-5’er and some guys won’t have any problem, but for others, the first big snow of the year in this area will also be their first big snow ever as well.

Just don’t be That Guy.