High School: Final 10 thoughts of the season

The high school football season ended last weekend at Gillette Stadium but now that we have had a week to process it, here are some final thoughts on the season that was.

  1. When it comes to Catholic Memorial, there is no easy solution. Are you going to make them play D1 because they are good? How is that fair to a school that based on enrollment D3? It’s not but it is also not fair that they get to add talent from all over the area either. I don’t have a solution at the moment. This is a tough issue to deal with for sure.

  2. Despite all the controversy surrounding Brian Lee’s comments and whether they should be playing in D2, CM deserves to be recognized as champion. The coaches and players worked hard and they earned their title on the field. Where they should be slotted shouldn’t take away from that.

  3. Springfield Central won what amounts to their third straight title and they did it in D1. Despite Valdamar Brower leaving for UMass, the Golden Eagles will once again be the favorites next season with William Watson and Josiah Griffin among other returning.

  4. What a year for the Hockomock League. To have five teams playing in the semi-finals says a lot about the league. Not winning a title at Gillette stings but the Hock is the best public school league in the state.

  5. Hat tip to the South Shore League as well which also had an impressive showing in these playoffs and had two teams playing in the D6 state final with Rockland beating Abington.

  6. The first year of the statewide format was great. We had some great match ups during the regular season and the playoffs lived up to people’s expectations.

  7. It was a tough year for Central, Mass in the new format. Western, Mass however acquitted itself well with Springfield Central and Wahconah both getting to Gillette. Look for CMass to bounce back next season however. Too many good programs out there not to bounce back.

  8. Coaches need a tutorial on how the new system works. It a was a cluster bleep this season. Both the MIAA and the MHSFCA need to educate the coaches more on the power rankings and other aspects of the system.

  9. Can we get rid of both teams being at the trophy presentations at the Super Bowl games? The MIAA is asking for trouble snd they don’t even know it! Not only that, but when you lose, you just want to get out of there.

  10. Congratulations on a great season. Coming off of a cancelled 2020 season and a Fall II season, no one knew what tonexpect. Well, I think the Fall 2021 season went a lot better than people thought. That’s a testament to all involved.

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