High School: Taking an in-depth look at the two-point play that won Scituate the Division 4 Super Bowl

A decade from now when it’s reunion season, the 2021 Scituate football team will all meet up at a restaurant somewhere, throw a few back and talk about the night they won the Division 4 Super Bowl with a two-point conversion at Gillette Stadium.

Whenever they pull up stories from papers or websites like this one, Keegan Sullivan’s name will always come first as the guy who ultimately had the game-winning score. Andrew Bossey’s touchdown to pull the Sailors within one following Henry Gates’ drive to set up the game winning scores will always come immediately after, that’s just how it works and all three guys were obviously integral parts of the incredible win. Even James Cannon and some of his ridiculous athletic plays will come to mind.

We often forget that nine other guys were on the field with Gates and Sullivan when Scituate made history, but usually, no one ever really knows what their experience in the moment was like.

Until now.

I spoke with Michael Sheskey, Danny Thompson, Jack Thompson, Sean Norton, Tom Svensen, David Stanley, Aidan Sylvester, Jamieson Hodlin and Shea Morley so they could share their perspective on a play that will live not just in Scituate football lore, but Massachusetts high school football infamy as well.

So, what was each guy seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling in the moments leading up to (and during) “T Left Wrap Cali Lead”?

Sheskey (usually the right guard, was lined up as the left tight end):  “Before our drive, coach Devine told us all in the huddle that we have “two minutes left in our high school careers” and that we would go down the field score and then go for two. I knew we just needed to execute our plays and in a timely manner. When we scored, I know we were going for two but I didn’t know what play we would run. When he called “T Left wrap Cali lead” I knew that me personally I had a big block to make.

“I though that the left side (me, Danny Thompson, and Jack Thompson) would have to perfectly execute our blocks if we wanted to score the two points. Jack and Danny needed to block down and I needed to block out on the end as I was at left tight end, so I needed to step in and push the end out and make a hole for Jamieson and Shea to lead through the hole for Keegan to get into the end zone. When I saw their defensive front I just thought to myself, if we execute our blocks and get good positioning we would make a perfect hole for Keegan to get into the end zone. 

“I was thinking that I needed to just block out on the end and get good positioning for no penetration from the end. I saw an end lined outside of me and a defensive tackle lined up inside of Danny. When Keegan crossed the goal line, my heart dropped and I instantly got goosebumps. I was the first one to get to Keegan to hug him and celebrate the two point score. I looked at Keegan and all I said was “We did it”.

D. Thompson (left tackle): “When it got to that moment, I could think of nothing else except the preparation that we had poured in to get to that point. We had worked so hard to get there that I knew we as a team and as a unit, we were prepared. In terms of the play call, I can only describe in one sentence, Big-time players make big-time plays and big-time coaches make big-time calls and we saw both of those in that one play. Personally, I truly love these coaches and I have been honored to play for them throughout my career, that’s why I had full trust in Coach Devine’s play call and I had full trust in him the full season, He and this coaching staff are the reason why we are not only Super Bowl champions right now but why we are also brothers for life.”

“From my point of view, that play was something we had prepared our whole lives for and one we were ready for. The play truly embodied the brotherhood that this team has built this year. One play where everyone needs to trust everyone to do their job. I blocked down, Mike blocked out, the backside ensures that there were no run-throughs, and then Shea, Jamieson, and Keegan charged through the hole. Once the play was over I ran back to the sidelines knowing the job wasn’t done as there was still time on the clock. Defensively, once we finished the job and the clock ran out, it was the best feeling in the world. Being a junior I wanted to do this for the seniors and for the coaches who have taught me so much and help me grow up. Overall, the people in this town deserved another ring.”

J. Thompson (left guard): “Before we started that drive our coach said “we are going to go down, score a touchdown then go for two and win a state championship.” So, I knew once we were given the opportunity that we were going for it. In terms of my thought process, I was just excited knowing that we had the chance to beat the team that we had lost to in the same way earlier this season. It was too perfect for us to not get.

“I had a man on block during the play and at some point I ended up upset down in a pile in the middle. I heard the crowd erupt and I knew that we had either just won a state championship or we had just lost it, no in between. It was a big sigh of relief when I finally got up and saw everyone around him. After I ran over to Keegan I ran over to our defensive coordinator who was coming down from the booth and just happened to be right behind the play when it happened. It was a wild experience.”

Sean Norton (center): “We knew the play call basically all week. Coach Devine had actually mentioned that if we got in this scenario he would call that play earlier in the week. I think mostly everyone kind of had an idea that something like that was coming, so we were all just ready to go and execute. 

“For me personally, my assignment was a straight ahead block. Something like that, especially on the goal line, is kind of a daunting task for a small lineman like me. But, by the time I got my head out of the kids pads and looked over all I could see was Keegan celebrating with others in the corner of the end zone. That feeling is pretty hard to describe. Coming so far with this group, hours of work in practice and the weight room, just seeing all that culminate into one moment was a feeling I’ve never had before and don’t know if I’ll have again.”

Svensen (usually the right tackle, was lined up at right guard): “I knew we were going for two as soon as we got the ball back. Coach said in the huddle we were going to march down, score and win it. I think we all knew since the second week of the season that if we got in the position again, we’d go for two. I thought it was a good play. All I was doing was blocking down. I was just thinking about stepping with my left foot and covering my gap. I trusted all my brothers to do their jobs, and then everyone did, and oh my God it was awesome. 

“Usually time slows down for me once the ball is snapped, but this time it felt like it sped up. I saw Keegan cross the line and I was like, oh my God, we just won the state championship. I honestly can’t think of words to describe the feeling. It was crazy.”

Stanley (right tackle in this formation, comes in for this formation only): “When Coach Devine called in T formation, I knew we were winning the game because we kept practicing that play all week long because we knew that it would come in handy. Before the ball was snapped, all I could think about was my job which was to make sure that ball crosses the goal line. 

“Once that ball was snapped, I blocked down and kept moving my feet. I knew we punched it in just by the roar of the crowd. I ran to the sideline and celebrated for a few seconds, then realized that the game was not over yet. There was still time left, but I knew our defense was going to do their job and hold them back.”

Sylvester (backside tight end on the play): “After Andrew scored the touchdown, I knew we were going for two, we had to go for it. When we got in the huddle and Coach called T formation that’s when I knew we would jam it in the end zone.

“When we first when to line up I think the Duxbury defense was confused and that’s why they called a timeout. During the timeout, we did the same play to the other side and they had to adjust once again. The moment Keegan crossed the goal line we all knew we won the game and it was honestly the one of the best feelings ever. The reason we play high school football is to what we did that Friday night. We finished our job.”

Hodlin (power/lead fullback in the formation): “When I heard the play call in the huddle I was really excited. I just kept thinking back to our first meeting with Duxbury in Week 2, when we missed the two-point conversion. We’ve wanted this game ever since and know we had a shot at revenge. 

“During the play I saw Danny Thompson wash Duxbury’s end down which opened up a huge hole. He made a great block, and me and Shea Morley came through and picked up the linebacker. The whole last drive felt like an out of body experience, it was amazing.”

Morley (fullback in the tee formation): “When we first scored, I knew right away that we were going for it. coach Devine has said since our Week 2 loss to Duxbury that, if we were in a similar situation again, we would run behind our O-line—which has been great all year. I was very confident when coach called that particular play because it allowed us to do what we do best—create holes and let our best players make plays.

“As a power back, I was just trying to knock over the first person I saw. Danny and Mike did a great job clearing an alley so that it was Jamieson and me 1v1 against the middle linebacker. Luckily, we were able to make our block and Keegan ran pretty much untouched into the end zone. Being that we are in front of him, I had no idea where Keegan was. For all I we knew, there was backside penetration and our season came up short. So, when he passed through into the end zone, I was elated. It was the perfect way to end the perfect season. Our offensive line cleared a hole for our best player to score the 2pt. It was that moment that I realized that everything that we had worked for was about to come to fruition. It was a tremendous feeling.”

The entire Scituate community will never forget the night the boys in blue came back to beat Duxbury in the final seconds for a state title at Gillette, but for the guys on the field during that last play, those vivid sights, sounds and memories will be as clear as day forever.

Ten years from now, every guy at that reunion will need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, work meeting times and everything else that life throws at all of us.

The one thing they’ll never forget is T Left Wrap Cali Lead.