Patriots: Get to know the Panthers

The Patriots travel to Carolina this afternoon to take on the Panthers. Both teams are 4-4 and need to win this game in order to enhance their chances at making the playoffs.

The two teams are meeting for the seventh time during the regular and eighth time over all. Carolina leads the regular season series 4-2. The two teams last played in 2017 at Gillette with the Panthers winning 33-30. Carolina a 2-1 advantage all time against the Patriots at home.

Let’s get to know the Panthers.

Head Coach: Matt Rhule

Offensive coordinator: Joe Brady

Defensive coordinator: Phil Snow

Special Teams Coach: Chase Blackburn


The Panthers utilize a variety of multi tight end formations and personnel groups. The tight end is featured a lot in Joe Brady’s offense.

Carolina throws a lot of play action passes. Look for Brady to call front side play action passes and move the pocket for the quarterback on bootlegs.

Expect a lot of movement and shifting. Especially in spread formations.

Brady likes to use compressed formations to create extra gaps and set edges. The Patriots have to make sure they don’t get outflanked and set an edge. Especially against the run.

Carolina likes to use empty formations. They like to push the ball vertically when they do. They are not afraid to push the down the field and use five man protections.


Carolina is a multiple 40 defense. They will also play 20 and 30 fronts in their sub packages.

The Panthers play a lot of man and match up zone on the back end. They like to be physical TE-route receivers at the line of scrimmage.

Carolina utilizes a lot of interior pressure. They bring their inside linebackers and allow their edge rushers to rush one on one against the posing teams tackles.

Expect a fair amount of TE and ET stunts. Especially on second and third and long situations.

The Panthers use a lot of wide techniques with their ends as well as a tilt technique that gives their ends an easier path to the quarterback.

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