High School: What We Learned: Mansfield 28 Barnstable 21

MANSFIELD — It was a classic showdown Friday night in the Div. 2 playoff game between No. 11 Barnstable and No. 6 Mansfield. In a back-and-forth affair, Mansfield earned a 28-21 win on the back of a last-minute touchdown from running back Drew Sacco. Mansfield moves on to play King Philip, in what should be another good one. Some more observations . . .

— Mansfield’s CJ Bell and Trevor Foley will be two of the top playmakers in the state before long. Bell and Foley are both sophomore wide receivers, and the two have been getting better and better all season. Bell also lines up in the backfield sometimes, and takes jet sweeps and outside runs to take advantage of his speed. Both had long touchdown catches in the first half.

— Drew Sacco is a tough, downhill runner. A junior, Sacco gave Mansfield a big boost, especially in the second half. Part of his carries comes from the fact that Rocco Scarpelllini was injured in the first quarter. Sacco is a hard runner who always seems to go another extra yard or so than he’s given. IT will be fun to watch him perform the rest of his career.

— Eugene Jordan is one of the best running backs in the state. We may have already known that, but Jordan makes a believer out of you every time you see him. What sticks out the most about Jordan is how low to the ground he is, which makes him so difficult to take down. He’s had a tremendous career for the Redhawks